English Teaching Centre

Our aim is to facilitate students with international foundation courses at our institute, especially courses that are not currently available within Sri Lanka. We are working closely with renowned education providers from countries like Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada in order to grant the best international qualifications to our students within Sri Lankan territory. This program will establish a strong foundation for students who are planning to migrate to other countries for their higher studies and also this will give international education exposure to students who wish to study for a world-recognized qualification inside Sri Lanka.

The global job market is expanding rapidly and a myriad of new job fields are emerging day by day. Since the demand for traditional job fields are reducing, it is our duty to equip our students with the knowledge and expertise needed to perform modern in-demand jobs roles. We think it as our responsibility to guide our students towards those modern avenues, in order to develop the state of the art academic and professional skills of them with the expectation of achieving the global job market. This will give us a great opportunity to play our role in the economic, social and cultural development process of our country.

Motor mechanic Foundation Courses

Nursing Foundation Courses

Child Care Foundation Courses

Plumbing Foundation Courses

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